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Wayback WHENsday – Double Dragon Trilogy (Android)


Bimmy and Jimmy are going to take another break from working in the garage because Mr X came over and blasted her in the solar plexus again. Tonight I will be playing Double Dragon Trilogy on Android. My HDMI cable doesn’t supply enough power to my phone so let’s see how long I can keep the party going!

If my cable wants to play nice, I’ll keep the beat em up theme going with Combo Crew.


Join me tonight at 8p CST on any one the our favorite livestreaming services!

GameBlips Podcast S3E4 – RAAAAGE!

In episode 4 we discuss rage quitting, some new releases and pocket gaming.

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MEGA – GB-S3E4.mp3 (56.6 MB)

Closing music – Space Dojo from Double Dragon NEON

Note: We are using Kim Dotcom’s new mass storage, MEGA to host the show’s archives.  You can find all the episodes in our menu at the top on the Podcast Archives link.  We will be depositing all our old episodes there as well.  Keep an eye!

Corporate Logos Rebranded

Rebranding Corporate Logos

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