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The results are in, and I have made a decision for my subscription box…

Drum roll please….


Hmm…  Not quite what I expected.  Anyway…

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POLL: Which subscription box should I go for?


Help me out!  Vote with the widget and leave some me comments.  Whichever one you help me select, I will do unboxing videos and reviews for the duration of my subscription.

If you are unfamiliar with either, take a visit to each one and help me make an educated guess:

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Just beat Dead Space 2… [poll]

I’ll be working on my take on the game, now that it’s been completed, but I want to move onto a different game over the weekend.  I’ve got 3 in my library that I just picked up on a game hunt with Kara.  I will let all of you decide!

XBL Shocktober Showdown [poll]


XBL has some great games on sale for October.  Both of the games on the poll are $9.99 so price isn’t a factor.  Amy almost made the list but almost all the reviews said is was contender for Worst Game of The Year!  Vote below and help round out my library!

Linger in Shadows (PSN)

If you have a PS3 and like to play some weird a$$ games I recommend you download Linger in Shadows for $1.99 on PSN. I played this game a month or so ago and at first found it quite frustrating. I couldn’t figure out how to play. I found that I could fast forward or rewind this video that was playing but other than that I was not sure what to do. So even though I hate to do it I looked up a guide online and used it to get the hang of the controls.

According to the internetz it is an interactive art game that lets the player control this 7 minute art video. Honestly I just used the trophy guide because I had no idea what was going on. While the game play was confusing I have to say there is something mesmerizing about the game that makes you wish there was more (the game takes 7 minutes – more if you try to get all the trophies). The art style is weird but if you like that kinda of weird interactive game play then this game is for you.

Recently the same developer that worked on this game released a game on PSN called Datura that is supposed to be similar in fashion. Hopefully the price will drop on that soon and I can write a review for you. I enjoy seeing games like this that challenge the big blockbuster video games (not that I don’t enjoy some of them) by doing something different.

I notice a lot of people on my PS3 friends list have played this so I am curious if anyone else out there has checked it out? Please let me know!

POLL: Should GameBlips Podcast make a return?