Well lookie here… GameBlips made Twitch Affiliate!

Just minutes before starting up our E3 2017 Playstation stream, I double checked the inbox for new notifications and a mini-freakout session commenced. GameBlips made Affiliate status on Twitch! While on the monetary side, this isn’t going to break the bank or get me into streaming full-time, it’s a start. An amazing start!

I caught wind of Affiliate status coming down the pipe almost a week before they dropped the news for April 24. I read up on their criteria and decided it was the time to finally make a small push to see if I’ve got it in me to make this one happen. Apparently, it’s in there somewhere!

Take a look at this dork! 😀

Much of this can be attributed to those that continued to support this online endeavor. My stream-team and bestest buds: Erock, Technogaja and PeachyKS. Long time “Norms”: Indepandant42 and Wariosgarlic. Another definite shoutout goes to the fine folks with TwitchMilwaukee. If it wasn’t for their inaugural meetup, the escalation to almost 70 Followers would have never happened this soon!

Unfortunately, there was no way I could have filled out all the paperwork and setup the stream to accommodate this pleasant surprise so it will have to wait for our Elder Scrolls Online stream on 6/14. 😉 With that being said, giving some cheers and throwing some bits in this direction is never required but always appreciated! For now, it’s all about the Bit Boss Battles. Your bits are your hit points. Your bits are your weapons. Take down the current Bit Boss and become the king of the hill!

Looking to get this far? check out Twitch’s Affiliate Program for their criteria.