Milwaukee’s First Beercade?

At the beginning of the year (New Year’s Eve 2016 actually…), we went to pay a visit to Milwaukee’s first Beercade: Hamburger Mary’s. A local establishment recently moved from a place across town and moved into a vacated location in Milwaukee’s “Latin Quarter.”

Let’s start with the positives:

  • The staff is awesome and very welcoming
  • Drinks are well priced
  • Variety of beers is excellent (both on tap and cans)
  • Excellent choice of decorations to fit the theme of the business

From the bar decor to the gaming memorabilia on the walls to the vinyl window dressings, everything had a nice polish to it. Upon entering, the staff was incredibly nice and there was a very high level of “chill” going on. Even with the fact that it was closer to 10pm on New Year’s Eve, this venue had it under control.

With the positives always come the negatives:

  • Not a lot of games
  • The variety of games was lacking
  • Upkeep of the games was terrible
  • No rhyme or reason behind which games are on free play and which titles cost

For being a brand new entry in the arcade market, I was deeply disappointed in how terribly the games were kept already. The light gun game, Sports Shooting USA, had a monitor that was so blown out and brightness cranked up that playing the game was impossible. Mortal Kombat II had non-functioning buttons. Player 1 joystick on Aero Fighters wasn’t working in all directions. Keep in mind that Grand opening was on November 2, 2016, so it wasn’t even 2 months of player traffic on these cabinets!

Even with how negative this post is coming across, I have to give them this: It was only the beginning. As of this post time, it’s been a little more than half a year of doing business as a Beercade. Perhaps a new visit to see how things have evolved is in order?

BONUS: They had a Namco Ms PacMan/Galaga there. I had a great time playing some additional rounds of PacMan on that cabinet. 😉