Zerboz Military Mini-Figure Round 2

Ok so after buying my first Zerboz Military mini-figure last night at Wal-Mart and doing a blog post about it I decided to go and pick a couple more up using my loose change I have in my car(at .97 cents a piece for these it is a easy task to do).

The downside to them as with all “blind toys” is you have no clue what you will be getting until you get them home and while some folks enjoy the thrill of this I personally no longer care for it.

So because of the randomness of these I ended up with two of the same mini-figures this time out as you can see in the picture below.

But considering there nature(military)I can just pretend that they are two different troopers holding the line plus I can always just give one away to one of my friends.

If you notice as well the softness of there rifles make them curve somewhat so who knows who may end up getting gunned down by these guys.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark