Two More Dollar General G.I. Joe Repaints For The Cosmic Ark Collection

Was out having lunch yesterday with one of my wife’s aunts and decided to stop into one of the Dollar General stores she had in her area.

I was not expecting to really find anything but luck was with me when I discovered two more of the DG or “Basic Series” repaints of the G.I. Joe action figures that are exclusive to these stores(and supposedly a few other places too now but I have yet to see if this is true or not).

Was pretty excited to find the Cobra Trooper whose repaint makes him closer to the cartoon ads I seem to remember seeing in the early days of the “Real American Hero” series and am not for sure on the “Green” Snake Eyes but like with all of these am sure it’s based off one of his appearances.

This just leaves me two more to find to have all the repaints, Cobra Commander and Shipwreck so the search shall continue on.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark