Toys R’ Us, G.I. Joe, Lost Pictures and Game Blips!

Was out with the wife tonight looking for those new G.I. Joe Retaliation action figures but had no such luck in tracking them down but I did run across these at Toys R’ Us…..

I know Dan over at the Toy Museum has been picking these up as Blind Bags but these would be a better(and easier)way to go as far as getting all the figures you want and are priced at around $8.

While I passed on these for now I did end up getting something else…..

Toys R’ Us surprised me with a restock of the Cobra Crimson H.I.S.S. Tank along with the Black Dragon VTOL(I have not seen these or really anything Joe related at that store in months). I was hoping they would of had the V.A.M.P. MK-II vehicle but no such luck. I will be blogging more on this one soon.

Now I wanted everyone to know that I won’t be having anything on the Cosmic Ark for the next few days due to my work schedule and because all of my pictures I had stored on my laptop have been lost after the last software update I did.

Not for sure what happened and to be honest am not terribly mad about it because this give me a chance to redo all of those pictures I took and make them even better(It was all GI Joe/Corps! action figures).

And finally I got a email from my long time friend Fred aka Dalum who asked permission to link my blog over to his “GameBlips” page which is a “Video Game Centric” site/group/podcast(which am a founding but estranged member of these days)and how could i say no to one of my best friends?

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