The Return of Breakout

GoogleBreakoutIf it’s viral qualities haven’t come your way yet, there was another easter egg found in Google yesterday.  This time it comes in the form of the brick smashing game, Breakout.  All you need to do is load up Google and head to the image search.  Type in “Atari Breakout”, hit enter and let the fun begin!  In terms of graphics, it’s pretty spot on emulating an old 8-bit Atari game so it is pretty sparse.  The fun part about it is that your bricks are image search results for Atari Breakout with different colors overlayed to represent the different layers of the game board.

Note:  Though it seems to play in any HTML5 capable browser, your mileage may vary.  It loads and plays in IE8 but it’s very choppy.  Chrome is the browser of choice to play this one.  Also, it plays in mobile browsers too!