Redakai Froztok

Ok I would of never have picked this figure up if it were not for BubbaShelby’s recent blog post about it over at Toyriffic.

Bubba talked about how much it reminded him of one of my later childhood favorites Crystar from Remco so I had to get it and what was better was the price of $3 they wanted for it at the Big Lots Discount Store.

I have to say right now that I got the wonderful smell of plastic from this action figure when I removed it from it’s package and I was really taken back to my youth by it so that was a really nice bonus in itself.

The figure is very cool looking and really has a “Crystar” feel to it but I would say it reminds me more of Crystar’s enemy Moltar than anything else but to me that is awesome because it’s like I have both those figures again but just combined into one.

Froztok also includes a pair of swords that easily slide over his hands which is a great extra but I kind of wish they were red in color to match his eyes instead of the green they come in.

So to say am pleased with this action figure from a toy/card game line that I had little to no interest is a understatement because am pleasantly pleased with both the nostalgia that it unintentionally gives me plus the low price point makes it all that much better.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark