G.I. Joe Micro Force Roadblock S1-02 And Barbecue

Two more Micro Force mini-figures for my collection of these, Roadblock S1-02(Series 1/ number 2 figure in the series) and Barbecue….

I wasn’t really interested in the Micro Force line when I first saw them in stores but after I decided to cave in and buy a couple of the random blind bags I was hooked!

To be honest I like these better than Hasbro’s G.I. Joe Kre-O toys because of there size, detail and in the fact that the Joe Kre-O’s are Toys R’ Us exclusives at the moment and my TRU simply does not keep them in stock making it frustrating for me to get any of them.

Sad thing is I don’t think  Micro Force really has caught on with kids or collectors and we might not get a second series so I need to hurry up and grab some more before they are gone.

I need to get a Cobra Commander,Shockblast, Steel Brigade Trooper and a few others I don’t have to round out my collection.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark