G.I. Joe Destro V1

Long wanted by me in my younger days and now in my adult years was the original Destro action figure from the G.I. Joe line of figures.

Him along with Storm Shadow were figures I just never was able to have( Lucky I still was able to own a Commando Snake Eyes and a “Second Hand” Zartan back in those days).

But now after all these years I finally own a series 2 1983 released Destro who is a little rough around the edges but is still awesome to me….

You just have to love that shiny metal mask of his it really does make him a standout character/figure in the “Joe Universe” and gives him a unique look as a “Enemy Weapons Supplier”.

Now the figure I have did not come with his original weapons instead he has replacement ones from the G.I. Joe Accessory Pack #4 from 1986 and those it has are actually just remolds of the ones that came with it but in different colors if am correct.

The High Density Laser Gun and Armed Attache Case are perfect fits for this one so look out G.I. Joe there is a weapons deal going down to supply Cobra with some new arms and you know the seller is this guy.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark