G.I. Joe Cobra Range Viper V2

This past Christmas I was lucky to have gotten as gifts from my wife and family a nice amount of G.I. Joe action figures which I have been sharing with all of you here on my blog.

Several of those have been “DTC” or “Direct To Consumer” which means they were sold as online exclusives(in some cases they would eventually show up at places like Toys R’ Us for sale).

Today I have another one of these and it has become one of my favorites…..Version 2 of Cobra’s Wilderness Trooper, The Range Viper.

Once I got this action figure aboard the Cosmic Ark I was just so taken with it and I have now told myself I want to buy more of them to build up a small army.

Never owned one of the original released ones so this really turned into a treat for me because these guys just look so cool with there skull helmets and weapons.

The “DTC” version here was released 2005 and is part of series 21 of the G.I. Joe waves and really was just a nice surprise for me so I really must thank the wife and family for it once again for getting this for me.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark