Dork Horde Toys! Obvious Cause Of Death Ghosts

I normally try not to post more than once a day here on the Cosmic Ark but when something fun and exciting happens I just have to add another blog post and this is the case today.

The Lord Of Dorkness himself our good pal and leader/founder of the Dork Horde, Reis O’ Brien has finally done it and has launched “Dork Horde Toys” and with it comes ” Obvious Cause Of Death Ghosts”.

These are super fun and simple non-articulated toys that feature the always a win “Glow-In-The Dark” feature and serves as a small showcase of Reis creative side(much like his much missed Mixo Kooky Kans).

Head over to to check these out if already haven’t also feel free to stop by and “like” the official ocodg Facebook page as well.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark