The Hours Are Racking UP!

5 Games I have racked the most hours into. There is a reason I won’t share exact numbers… it’s because it scares me to add them up :/

1. Sims 3 (MAC)

2.Pokemon Sapphire (GBA)

3. Minecraft (PC)

4. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PS3)

5. Mario Party 2 (N64)

I want to know what games you’ve racked some serious hours into!

4 thoughts on “The Hours Are Racking UP!

  1. Since writing the Wasteland sequel article, I went back and started playing it again. After getting it all installed Thursday night, I’ve crammed in approx 10 hours so far. That includes not playing during Fri night due to the Detroit trip.

  2. GAH! My laptop battery died as I was looking for my power adapter. I logged back in and when I left the city I was in/going out to the main map, it looks like my files got corrupted. More hours to log just to get back to where I was at. *sad panda…*

  3. 1) EverQuest (PC) 237 Days 21 hours 38 minutes
    2) World of Warcraft (PC) around 60 days
    3) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360) 88 Hours
    4) Final Fantasy VII (PS1) 77 Hours
    5) Mass Effect 2 (360) 62 Hours

    I like this post, finding out how long I played EverQuest for was the catalyst to get me to quit, best thing I ever did (the quitting of said game named EverQuest). There has to be a plethora of other RPG’s, mainly Final Fantasy games I’m sure I’ve put in around 50+ hours. Bejeweled 2 has to be up there too, Tetris on Gameboy… I know I’m forgetting something.

  4. Captainerock – glad you liked the post and that you were able to get off Everquest. I am deathly afraid of getting into some serious MMO’s for that exact reason.

    I am a big fan of RPG’s as well I started Final Fantasy XIII a few weeks ago and that is slowly climbing up my list.

    Were you one of the FF XI online players on the PS2? I hear a lot of stories about the number of hours people put into that game.

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