Techno Kitten Adventure (iOS)

I have really been getting into iOS gaming after listening to a few people in the youtube video game community rave about the quality and prices. I still have a hard time with the idea of not having a physical copy of the game but for $.99 how can you go wrong?

I downloaded the free version of Techno Kitten adventure on my iphone (I believe the app is also available on android market and xbl). It took me a while to get the game mechanics under control but once I did the game has been really addicting. Essentially it is a side scrolling game where you weave a cat through obstacles. to reach the end of the level. The graphics and distractions are over the top and remind me a bit of a bullet hell shooter I played a while back with Fred. Most of the items on the screen are just distractions, only the translucent border and static objects made of the same material will kill the kitty if he runs into them. In some tracks the screen with pulsate and others it will switch directions entirely. All to upbeat techno music.

In the game you have unlimited lives but the longer you soar without dying the higher your score gets for that level. Like I mentioned, the game is free but you can download more packs (levels) to play in for a cheap price. I splurged and got one that was $.99. I recommend anyone who has an apple or android phone check out some of these unique games and let me know what they think. Future of gaming? I dont think so. A nice little distraction? Definitely.