Playstation Black Friday Deals

Thanks to a little bird (literally I heard it on twitter), I found out about the deals Playstation is offering on Black Friday. To be honest, they’re pretty awesome and if you’re looking to jump into the Playstation market now is definitely the time.

They’re offering the new Playstation Vita bundles (Assasians Creed III, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Lego Batman 2) for only $199! That’s $50 off what they are today. A really great deal for such a new system. Assasians Creed Bundle and Call of Duty Bundle will be available on Amazon and at GameStop. The Lego Batman bundle is exclusive to Target.

In addition to the Vita, Playstation is also lowering the price on their Playstation 3 bundle to $199, this includes the 250GB PS3, Uncharted 1 and 2, and the infamous collection.

I would love to hear if anyone picks one up this Friday so please comment! I would love to hear about any black Friday shopping events, actually. Especially related to Video Gaming!

6 thoughts on “Playstation Black Friday Deals

  1. Old Navy is also having their Cheermageddon Black Friday special as well. for those WiiU owners (like Kara) you can grab New Super Mario Bros U for free if you buy, at least, $40 of merch.

    Last time I tried to get in on the last good ON deal, I waited in line for over 2 hr to get to be the third person in line. Then they promptly said that they ran out of LEGO RockBand. I rage quit right then and there and went home to reclaim my sleep.

  2. I was happy to pay $60, to not have to stand in line to spend $40 on clothes, and potentially get a copy of NSMBU. 🙂 I am not a Black Friday shopper. I’ll stick to online shopping.

  3. The Vita 2.0 patch came out this week, along with it, if you are a Playstation Plus subscriber, it opens up a ton of free games at your disposal, Sony is really killing it with the Playstation Plus, so many games that I don’t have time to play.

    1. Glad to hear you like Playstation Plus. I can’t convince myself to subscribe knowing that I will loose my games if I stop my subscription. I have this issue with downloaded games in general though, not just on the PS3. I guess I am just a physical copy kinda gal 😛

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