Platinum Trophy – Skyrim


I know I have posted previously about Skyrim so I promise to keep this short! I have finally, after hundreds of hours of completing quests, gained all of the trophies in Skyrim for PS3. I have, in the past, played games to completion but none with a shiny platinum trophy waiting for me at the end. While I LOVE having that trophy stare back at me when I log in to my profile it was a painful process of running quests and watching loading screens.

My least favorite set of achievements to obtain were the thieves guild, which I thought would be fun because I was having a good time playing as a stealthy wood elf. It was hours of running simple pickpocketing and bedlam jobs until I had completed at least 5 in each of the major cities. It was so painful that I almost stopped playing afterwards but I eventually picked up the controller and completed the Dark Brotherhood quests, which were much more enjoyable.

I might never pick up Skyrim again because I am so burnt out on it but I did pop in LOTR: War in the North to start my second play through. This Platinum trophy thing could get addicting!

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  1. I applaud you on your victory! You’re a better person than me–I don’t think I could stand doing every quest. Too repetitive. But congrats!

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