Neogeo X

Hello all you Neogeo fans! I see the Neogeo X limited edition handheld is available for pre-order right now and will be released on December 6, 2012. When this console was first rumored I heard some crazy price points thrown out by my friends and family but I see the limited edition is only $199. Now I say “only” but it’s still a little pricy considering the 3DS is cheaper right now and has a wider selection of games. It is, however, cheaper than the $800 and $600 numbers I was hearing earlier this yea

What does the limited edition come with? Well according to it comes with the Neogeo X Master’s game card, 20 pre-loaded classic Neogeo games, Neogeo X station (docking for charging), Neogeo X arcade stick, and of course the handheld itself.

It looks like fun but I wonder about the price point considering there are probably not going to be any new games come out for the console but it looks slick and would be a great addition for a collector who is into Neogeo’s history.

It looks like Amazon is out of stock right now but just last week they had some available so keep your eye out for it if interested. Just curious… anyone interested or plan on picking this up?

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