Funko Star Wars Monster Mash-Ups Darth Vader

One of the new things i have been getting into collecting is Bobble-Heads which is really easy to do these days as there has been a major come back of them in recent years and you can find these in some sort of fashion at many if not most retail chains thank largely to the company Funko.

On a recent trip to our local Barnes and Noble bookstore i stumbled across one of there latest products that once i saw it i knew i had to have it….Star Wars Darth Vader Monster Mash-Ups Bobble-Head.

What is cool and unique about this one is that they took Darth Vader and mixed(or mashed)him up with the classic Frankenstein’s Monster creating a very cool and fun result that i was instantly taken with(am a fan and collector of Universal Studio Monsters toys).

I love the details and scale of this bobble-head and at the price point of $9.95 it really isn’t a bad deal considering the high prices of action figures these days and makes for a very nice collection alternative and one that will appeal to monster and Star Wars fans alike.

4 Star Wars Monster Mash-Ups are currently available for sale(Darth Vader,Chewbacca,Stromtrooper and Yoda)all with there own style of Monster Mash-Up and all are worth checking out if you get a chance too.