Final Fantasy XIII First Impressions

So after 5 great months of playing almost nothing on my ps3 but Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim I broke out the Final Fantasy XIII disc and gave it a go. Actually what I thought would be a quick 1 hour look at the game turned into an all afternoon affair. So far I am really enjoying the battles and story… I’ve never really been a huge fan of long cutscenes but they really enhance this game. I find myself unable to put the controller down so I can continue the story. It’s true what everyone says about the game being very linear but it really does not bother me.

Just what I needed… another RPG to consume my life but I think I am going to really enjoy playing through the game and look forward to playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 next!

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII First Impressions

  1. i’ve been debating getting this, after Titus was so whiny and I quit FFX a few hours in I haven’t played another FF game. What are the characters like?

    1. Radbeard – the characters are pretty good overall. I really enjoy playing as Lightning and Snow but the others are not bad either. Vanille is probably the most annoying… she is the young girl and can make excessive noises. I am really early in but I can tell I am going to want to keep playing. Typically I know by now if the game is going to keep my attention or not.

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