Dear Esther


So I picked up Dear Esther during the Steam summer sale for $2.49 or something like that and I just played through it today. It only took 70 minutes to play through the whole game but it was a great experience. The game drops you off with no directions, no quest, no anything. You walk through along the many paths in a beautiful landscape, there are no enemies. The purpose appears to be to walk towards this tower with a shining red light on top. While you’re walking there is random dialogue that appears to tell a story of a car crash although I had no idea if the narration was coming from my character or someone else.

I have decided I don’t want to spoil the ending because it was VERY good and slightly unexpected but I do want to recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of games like Journey or Limbo where there are few directions and you are forced to figure things out on your own. I also think if you’re a fan of the art style of Journey and Limbo you will enjoy Dear Esther.

The screenshot attached is one I took near the end of gameplay. The game is available on Steam for Mac or PC. 🙂