Bandai Tokyo Vinyl Godzilla

I sometimes feel lucky to have a Toys R’ Us store very close to where i live because every once in a while incredible things can be found there that you might not find anywhere else. In this case i was lucky to have found a very awesome Godzilla figure from the good folks at Bandai and with me having a great love for classic horror monsters and Daikaiju(Giant Monsters) i knew i had to add this vinyl figure to my collection.

Was it worth the $20 i spent on it? I really think it was because of it’s overall design and in the fact i don’t think this is something you are going to see everywhere making it a harder piece to locate outside of ordering it online or maybe finding it at some select comic book shops that might chose to carry it.

I also must make note that there is a vinyl MechaGodziila available for the same price and looks every bit as cool as the Godzilla am showing here if not cooler and am hoping to added one to my collection if i get a chance and how awesome would it be to have two of these sitting next to each other on my toy shelf looking like there are getting ready to battle it out!