Mappy-Land (NES)

Mappy-Land for the NES is a follow-up to the Namco arcade game Mappy in which you play a mouse named Mappy who is trying to collect items to clear a game level to move on the next.But with evil cats abound its going to be a challenge for the daring mouse to reach his goals so read on for a quick little review of this NES game……

Cart Art: The art work on the NES cart is cute! It features Mappy and a young pair of mice with a train,a few palm trees and a bamboo hut in the backdrop with a sharp dress cat with a evil grin on top of the before listed train.

Gameplay: Just like the arcade move Mappy through each level bouncing on trampolines,collecting items and avoiding baddies who are trying to take him down.

Sounds: Light and simple tunes and sound effects nothing fantastic but easy on the ears.

Graphics: Very nice with different backdrops and Mappy and his enemies can be easily told apart from each other.

Mappy-Land is a fun NES game that i think gets overlooked by people which is a shame because it is a worth a try.