Golden Axe Warrior (SMS)

Golden Axe Warrior is a Legend of Zelda knock-off for the Sega Master System that is set in the Golden Axe Universe.

Players will travel the land exploring dungeons,chopping down trees,talking to village folk,battling monsters and collecting money to buy weapons and supplies.

Sounds pretty much like Nintendo’s famous action/adventure game which it is but that’s not really a bad thing, its a good thing.

Lets look at the Golden Axe Warrior:

  1. Cover Art: This is your basic Sega Master System box art on this one nothing to bad or good but it gets the point across what this game is so thats good.
  2. Gameplay: Hack n’ Slash action just like Zelda its simple but fun.
  3. Sounds: Sounds are ok as is the music in the game i still think Zelda and even Neutopia(a PC Engine Zelda knock off)is better but i have heard worse.
  4. Graphics: The graphics are pretty decent and i think are better than Zelda’s in some ways and other ways are not but both games pretty much offer the same style of graphics with trees, monsters, dungeons, ect.

I would say Golden Axe Warrior is a winner overall for me or anyone looking for some hack n slash Legend of Zelda style action for there Sega Master System.

I can not really find fault in this game its fun and for the most part is well done for the system.